This website is personal and global. It was created by one man and with the help of good friends for all the people of the planet.

It is not made for profit, but it was created to give the chance to people, if we all want it, to understand if we are satisfied with the world we live in and in case we are not, to find out how we would like the world to be and try to make it true.

The creator of the website strongly believes that the most important human values ​​are FREEDOM, JUSTICE and LOVE. This doesn’t mean of course, that climate and environmental protection (supported by WWF, Greenpeace… which we support) and security and peace in the world come second, but that if the three main values ​​are applied and prevail in the world, then peace and security will prevail too and the environment will be protected and the human spirit will rise and reign.

For FREEDOM, all nations have fought, sacrificed and are well aware of its importance and value.

Many fights and struggles for JUSTICE too. Democracy was invented in ancient Greece and was established for the first time in ancient Athens by Klisthenis, in 508 BC, in order to achieve freedom, justice and peace among the Athenians. In the name of Justice, the unjustly condemned philosopher Socrates sacrificed himself by drinking poison, rejecting a proposal to escape prison, wanting to obey the laws and the decisions of the courts.

Democracy was made for the sake of Justice. Justice without Democracy is a dream. Democracy without Justice is a nightmare.

During the French Revolution we met it as Equality (Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité). Some people call Justice, Equality, but if we don’t want to get confused, since all humans are not equal, neither in height, nor in opportunities, nor in the efforts they make, nor in choices, nor in sacrifices, nor in will, nor therefore in benefits, it is better to say things in their name and equality before the law, to be called Justice.

As for LOVE, that some call brotherhood, every human being as a social being, knows it from the struggle he gives by himself, so that he is not alone in life. He knows it from the meaning that life takes, which would otherwise be meaningless, to a human who knows the finiteness of our existence (that we have an expiry date).

This is probably the most difficult battle that every human being has to give alone in his life and perhaps the highest value that one can hardly achieve. Love includes freedom and justice and goes even higher when a human learns to respect, learns to forgive, learns to understand, learns to accept, learns to share, learns to love and to enjoy the accepted love that generously returns, the complete Love.

But of course all this can be the romantic utopian thoughts of a dreamer, who would like the human world to function as one, with cooperation and peace and justice and security for all.

The issue however, is not what one believes, but what the majority of people believe.

Many negatives have been said about public opinion, wanting to show that people’s common opinion is not infallible (unmistakable). And that’s how it is! People may be misled, or we may not yet have found the mechanism that allows the right people, those who have knowledge of the subject, to make the most appropriate and best decisions, depending on the pursuit of the specific purpose.

But there we rely. We have not yet found a better method than this, to support and satisfy people’s sense of justice. From ancient times we have tried everything, Kingdoms, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Tyranny and we have reached Democracy. Only in this way could the ancient Athenians calm down, stop the uprisings and begin to create the beautiful and the good. With the participation of all Athenians in the decisions, with the opinion of the majority. But they did not reach perfection, because there were still slaves, there were still injustices. And they did not manage to correct the mistakes, they did not manage to improve the processes and democracy was interrupted by the dictatorship of the Roman emperors. Many almighty kings followed, who wanted to become gods on the backs of people, on which they stepped like they were ants.

But the people of the world brought the game back to Democracy. In England, in France, in America, in all the world little by little, shedding a lot of blood. We went from direct democracy where everyone decided together, to representative democracy where we elect those we consider best for this, so that they can make decisions for the great crowd.

Even our political leaders, with our common opinion we elect them, with the majority. And they, with their common opinion, take the decisions. This method has been found by the soul and spirit of the people to soothe the heavy feeling of justice and injustice.

Yet there are still many, who accuse public opinion of abolishing human thought, judgment and personality, as if public opinion forces all people to think the same way. But this is precisely the mission of public opinion, to safeguard freedom and justice and diversity in human societies, establishing rules of harmonious coexistence. So the question is not whether public opinion is good or bad, it is how you handle it! Do you leave it free to express itself with all possible choices, or do you try to guide it?

Unfortunately, in our democratic world, there are still people who live injustice every day, people who are persecuted for who they are and what they believe and entire nations if not all the people on the planet, with no exceptions, have their reasons to feel wronged.

Freedom and Justice are sisters. They are the basic emotions, rights and values of humans, as oxygen and hydrogen are essential for life. So both of these senses are essential for a good life too, for creation, for peace, for harmonious coexistence and progress, for happiness and love.

Are we satisfied with our democracies?

Have they achieved their goal, which is to achieve freedom and justice for all people?

If YES then this website will have no reason to exist and probably its creator, relieved and reassured may close its operation. If NOT, then maybe it’s time to look at how we can improve decision-making processes, so that they are the best they can be, instead of criticizing public opinion, which can be dangerous if we do not want to we lose again what we won with many struggles and bloodshed.

The main reason for creating this website is that the man who made it, as a descendant of the ancient Greeks who invented the democratic state, is not so satisfied with the way it is implemented and the results it brings, nor with the value of the fundamental values ​​today in the daily life of Greeks and people in general (at least where democracy is applied). Hoping to be able to see if today’s democracies satisfy the sense of justice of the people and having the desire to be able to contribute to improving the implementation of democracy of all peoples, he created this website and would like the opinion of all people of the world, if this is possible, so as to capture the COMMON OPINION of the people of the World.

If we find what we want, we might even be able to achieve it.

You are all welcome Asians, Africans, Arabs, Americans, Europeans, Russians, Israelis, Chinese, Eskimos, every man woman and child who understands the world and wants to express one opinion and be a part of it.


Ilias Papadopoulos